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  • nouveau_icons@livejournal.com
I'm studying to be a costume designer and I make icons and graphics really to improve my computer image making skills. Most of my icons are of period drama films/tv, random celebs (filmstars from silent era to modern day, music makers, historical figures etc), and other random fandom.


1. Credit. nouveau_icons is in each icon's filename for your ease. It's easy to credit. When you upload the icon to LJ just type "credit nouveau_icons" in the comments box.

2. Comment. I like to hear from you and know if my icons have nice homes.

3. Don't Hotlink. There's no point. I've taken measures against that. Plus, shame on you if you even thought about it. It's very mean.

4. You can modify icons of mine if you want to/can. Just credit me for the base icon.

I can't force you to do any of the above but it is a request. If you like my icons and they're of use to you the least you can do in return is to credit me. It's only fair.


Laura xxxxxxx